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Our passion

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Love for what we do, passion and knowledge combined with experience are a component of our systems. We produce the most advanced computers in the world for every need.

Our Passion


With over twenty years of experience in manufacturing the most advanced custom computers in the world, every computer we have is built by us. Everything from stock-sharing, assembly, testing and quality assurance is done in our lab to ensure that we provide only the best for our customers. It's what makes a computer truly special, handmade, with the utmost care and love.


Combining a custom computer is just part of the process, as expert technicians we are obsessed with squeezing every nanomilimeter of performance out of our computers. Anyone can simply build a system by mounting components, however to unlock maximum performance while synchronizing everything to perfection, such as: wiring work, airflow, power and component layout represent the core foundation of our passion. and a truly custom computer.


Custom products made by us must be properly tested for congestion and stability problems. We test every custom computer with a series of strength tests and benchmarks that analyze the processor, memory, graphics cards, storage and even power supply. Once the computer passes these tests, then we are sure to have everything you need, with no future problems. We are Plug & Play and work hard to make sure you have something really ready.


Every buy in our market comes with our support. Try to solve any problem as quickly and effectively as possible. As a commitment to help our customers, we guarantee all our products. We imagine the problems in your mind and treat them as we would like them to.